Gmail App Guide

Reading your emails on a smartphone or tablet has become the norm these days. Whether you own an Android tablet or an iPad, the Gmail app is one of the most downloaded and used apps on your device.



The app comes already installed on Android devices, and you can easily download and install it for Apple devices from the App Store. The Gmail app comes with a wealth of features, so reading more about how to customize it can help you get the most of it.
Set Up an Account with the Gmail Mobile App
This guide uses an Android interface, but the Gmail app is very similar for iOS devices as well. Tap on the Gmail app on your mobile device. By default, it opens to the Inbox. The menu is located in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap on it to set up your email account.

1.    Tap on the Gmail menu and scroll down to “Settings”.
2.    Tap on “Settings”, and then on “Add account”.

3.    On the next page, select the type of email you want to set up. You can choose between a Gmail email or a personal email. Tap on “Next”.
4.    If you select a Google Account, enter your Gmail email and tap “Next”. Enter your password on the next screen.
5.    If you select another type of email, enter the email address when prompted and tap on “Next”. You will be redirected to the website of your email provider if using a service such as Yahoo or AOL. For other types of emails such as custom domain ones, use the manual function to set them up.

Customize the Gmail Mobile App
Once the account is set up, you can see all your messages and contacts. By default, the Gmail app shows the Primary inbox as the first screen. Tap on the menu button to change the settings, add labels, refresh the inbox, and more.

1.    Tap on “General Settings” in the Gmail mobile app menu to change the settings. Options include archiving and deleting messages, swiping to archive, reply all, auto-advance, and more. Press “Back” once you are done to return to “Settings”. Tap the “Back” button again to return to the Inbox.
2.    To change the settings for a specific account, go to “Settings”, and tap on the desired account. Here you can change the way you receive notifications, update your signature, and set up a vacation responder.
3.    To set up labels for your emails, go to “Menu” and tap on “Label settings”. Here you can set up label notifications, assign sounds for different labels, set up vibrations for labels and opt to get a notification for every message.
Compose an Email in the Gmail Mobile App
To compose an email in the Gmail Mobile App, follow these steps:

1.    Open the Gmail app and select the account from where you want to send the email.
2.    Tap on the pencil sign in the right bottom corner of the screen. This opens a new message.
3.    Enter the “To” email address and the subject line.
4.    Compose your email.
5.    If you have an automatic signature set up on the account, this will be added as well.
6.    Tap the arrow in the upper right corner of the screen to send the message.

Customize Your Messages
To read emails easily on the phone, use the handy Auto Fit and Zoom feature integrated in the Gmail App. This function allows you to have emails with special and large characters fitted to the size of your screen. To activate it, got to “Settings” > “General Settings” > “Auto-Fit Messages”. If you are still not happy with the size of the text in the emails you receive, try to change the font size from the menu of the phone. Do this by going to “Settings” > “Display” > “Font Size”.

Search Through Your Emails
If you need to find an email quickly with the Gmail app, open the app, select your preferred account and tap on the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Enter your search term and tap the Enter key on the virtual keyboard, or the small magnifying glass on it. When you start to type your search term, suggestions appear as you type so you can easily find what you need.
Mute a Thread
The Gmail app makes it easy to mute a thread that you no longer want to be a part of or which you find annoying. To do this, open the message you want to mute, and tap the three dot menu in the upper right hand of the screen. Select “Mute” and that’s it.
Sync your Messages
The Gmail app syncs only your inbox by default, but you can set it up to sync some or all of your labels automatically as well. To do so, tap the menu button, go to “Settings”, and select a Gmail account. Next, go to “Data Usage” and tap on the “Manage labels” button. Select your preferred labels, and tap “Sync messages”. You will be given the option of synchronizing messages from the last 30 days or all messages. Tap on the preferred option to complete the sync.
Attach Files to Your Messages
The Google Gmail App allows you to attach files such as documents or pictures to your emails. What many people don’t know is that you can send very large files as well, up to a few GBs, with help from Google Drive. Follow the next steps to do so.
1.    Open the Google Drive app on your phone and drag the file you want to attach to the email onto the web page to upload it.
2.    Open the Gmail App and compose a new message.
3.    Tap the “Attach” button that looks like a paperclip on top of the screen.
4.    Tap “Insert from Drive”
5.    Select the file you want to attach, and tap the “Select” button.



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