Gmail for Business

Besides being the most popular personal email platform in the world, Gmail is also an excellent choice for those who are looking for a reliable email tool for business. Gmail for Work is Google’s own platform dedicated to corporate use.

This tool has a wide range of features that make corporate communication a breeze.
From the ability to set your own sender address to an unparalleled spam filter, Gmail for Work is a top business choice. This service is an alternative to Office365 Small Business Outlook, which has similar features and may be cheaper if you do not need the entire Office Suite. Even though Gmail for work has quite a few benefits, there are cons of using it as well, including limited storage space and the absence of a Word-editor function. This guide offers you multiple tips and trick to get the most of this Google service.
Why Choose Gmail for Work
You may wonder why you should go for Gmail for Work when the regular Gmail offers such a wide range of features. The truth is Gmail for Work offers a multitude of other features that set it apart from a free of charge account. Below are just some of the most important ones:
•    The ability to set your own the sender address (
•    You can access your emails online from any computer
•    Emails synchronized on your smartphone (Android and iPhone) with the ability to view them offline
•    Unmatched spam filter
•    A high-performance search tool to find the email you need when you need it.
•    24/7 phone and email support.
•    Ability to host a video meeting with up to 15 people right from your inbox.

Get Started with Google Apps and Payment Plans
This quick step-by-step tutorial shows you how to get started with a Gmail business account. You will also learn how to receive and send messages from your personalized email address.
1.    Sign up for Gmail for Work here.
2.    Create a new Gmail account by providing all your personal details as well as some details about your business or organization.

3.    Use a domain you already own, or buy one from Google during this step.
4.    Create a new Google Apps account with a new username and password. Read the terms and conditions when prompted and accept them. Your account is now ready to use.
Choose a Payment Plan
Each user gets a 30-day free trial when signing up for Google for Work. After this period, you need to choose one of the two payment plans available.
•    Flexible plan – suitable for those who do not want a long time commitment, this plan costs $5 per month as of 2015, and you pay for it on a monthly basis.
•    Annual plan – this plan is ideal for those who already know they are going to use the service for longer periods. For this plan, you need to sign a one-year contract and pay on a monthly basis. The monthly amount is $4.17.
After choosing your preferred plan, enter a payment method and the details of your business for invoicing.
Set Up Your Business Address in Gmail
To start receiving mails from your personalized emails address in your Gmail inbox, follow these steps:
1.    Create an email address on the domain you want to use. If you already have one, go to step 2.
2.    Log in to your newly created Gmail account.
3.    Go to Gmail Settings
4.    Click on the “Accounts and Import”.
5.    Click on “Add a Pop3 email account”.
6.    Enter the information required and the password of your email account.
7.    Click “Add Account” to finalize the operation.
8.    You will receive an email to confirm your address in your Gmail account. Follow the instructions to confirm the address you want to associate with Gmail is your own.
That’s it. You can now use your personalized email address to receive and send business emails from your Gmail account.

Set Up a Business Signature with WiseStamp
Save time when sending emails with a business signature that you can include in all the messages you send. WiseStamp is one of the easiest ways to do this. WiseStamp adds a signature in your emails, as well as links to your various profiles on social networks. This is an extension you can add to your browser. WiseStamp works with Google Chrome and Firefox.
1.    Go to the business WiseStamp website and click on “Try Now for Free”.
2.    Enter your info in the window that pops up to start a free trial. You are required to provide your name, email address, phone number, and company size.
3.    Choose your signature and the places you want to use it. By default, it will be used for all the email addresses associated with your Gmail account. If you want to use it only with a specific email address, go to “Email address settings” to make the changes.
4.    If you choose a Pro account, you can create multiple signatures and switch between them according to your needs.

Manage Your Google Apps for Work Tools
When you sign up for Gmail for Work, you also get access to the admin console powered by Google Apps, from where you can create company profiles, manage your devices and your apps, add or delete users and more. To see your business Google Apps and manage them, follow these steps:
1.    Go to the admin console of the account, and click on Google Apps.
2.    The default apps are Contacts, Calendar, Groups for Business, Google Drive, Google Talk/Hangouts and Mobile Sites. Decide which apps you want turned on.
3.    Add multiple apps to your account by clicking on “Additional Google Services.” Some of the apps you can choose from include Google Adsense, Blogger, Chrome Management, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Developers Console, Google Chrome Sync, Google Photos, Google Payments, Google+ and YouTube.
With the help of Google Apps for business, you get a digital corporate centre that incorporates all the tools you need to manage a business. Moreover, the use of this platform increases the efficiency of collaboration with your business partners, allows for effective social media marketing, and lets you keep every aspect of your business well organized. Google Apps for Business is a flexible and versatile product that is easy to use even for those who do not have too much digital experience.


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